Sound & Vision Project

Cropthorne Parish Council

Audio – Visual Improvements to the Village Hall

Project Update December 2016


The project was approved by the Parish Council in May this year. Financial approval was given by Wychavon DC in September

What are the problems the project seeks to overcome:

• The Village Hall suffers from poor acoustics
• Sound is transmitted through connecting doors
• The stage curtains are ancient with no sound dampening quality
• There are no hearing loops or sound system making it difficult for the hard of hearing to enjoy events
• No means of displaying presentations, film, etc.

What is Planned:

• Install sound dampening panels in the main hall, meeting room and corridors
• Install an integrated sound system with hearing loops in the meeting room and and main hall
• Fit new stage curtains and tracks
• Install sound attenuating doors between meeting room and main hall
• Provide a large screen video display


The sound dampening panels were installed just before Christmas. The difference the panels make to the acoustics is remarkable, the treated rooms and corridor have a much nicer ‘feel’ to them.
In the main hall the white panels are unobtrusive and blend nicely into the ceilings whilst the printed panels on the back wall, make what was quite a dull and boring room a look more friendly and interesting space.
Where's that gone?
The ceiling panels in the meeting room being that much lower are a bit more noticeable but the wall panels over-printed with photos of old Cropthorne (circa 1900) overshadow them.
Where's that gone?
Installation work has started on the sound attenuating doors between the main hall and the meeting room, it should be completed the first week of January.
The new stage curtains and track are on order and due for installation towards the end of January.
The induction loops and audio equipment are also on order with installation due in early January.
Video display equipment, a final decision on equipment is imminent (awaiting clarification of specifications) with installation alongside the audio equipment.


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Last update AK Dec 2016